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Inspiring women worldwide to believe in themselves, follow their dreams and live a life full of love, courage and HAPPINESS! I can help you overcome fear, self-doubt and that stuck feeling because
I’ve overcome it myself!

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ERINNNNSomething has to change: what to do when enough is enough! Have you ever just felt like enough is enough?
Maybe it was in a relationship that you knew deep within wasn’t right, maybe it was a burning desire to just book the holiday and just go? Maybe it was that stuck feeling you were feeling everyday when you sat at your desk or when you thought about your job, that feeling that something just had to change… [Keep Reading]

unknown source “She was so pissed off – her ex had just got engaged” – A client came to me the other day in a massive funk about something she’d seen on social media. Her ex had just got engaged. They’d been broken up for 2 and a half years and she was in an awesome relationship but she said the minute she saw the post on Facebook her heart […] Read more…

Erin ReghenzaniHow I stopped living someone else’s dream! When I was little I dreamed of having a family with a handsome man that loved me and creating a home in a big beautiful house overlooking a mountain. I would cook. We would laugh. A dog would run around the backyard playing fetch. […]


P1010791How I met my man – the twist that changed everything! Do you believe in fate? I believe that we create our own fate. I believe that fate is the creation of our thoughts. If you’d met me in 2011 you would have agreed that I was a party girl who had lots of friends. I was wild. I frequently told people that I ‘loved being single’ but […] Read more…



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