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About Me

???????????????????????????????I’m Erin Reghenzani – chunk it up and it’s not as hard Reg-hen-zani 😉

I’m on a mission to help women believe in themselves, find their passion and live their dream.
I want to empower YOU and show you how to love yourself enough to live a life full of (head-over-heels) love, courage and happiness; to worry less and laugh uncontrollably more!
I’ll show you how.

I’m a straight talker, no beating around any bushes type of lady. I help women like you let go of negative past experiences, life patterns and bad habits, accept the now and strive for a bright and happy future.

Between 16 and 22 I spent a LOT of time partying, gossiping, falling in and out of what I thought was love with guys and being hungover. Not to mention the copious amounts of money I spent on all of those things plus clothes, shoes, bags, holidays, booze, cigarettes, nights out, cosmetics and so much more. It cost me $18K to be precise.


For me, there wasn’t a moment – there wasn’t some BIG thing that happened in my life where a light bulb went off and I decided to change. Because for me, it was an accumulation of things – finding myself in situations where I thought I had no control and finding that the things that I used to do to make me happy and to have fun just weren’t cutting it anymore.
I lost interest in doing the same old thing and ending up in the same situation but just with different friends or different guys. I was over hating on myself ALL THE TIME.
Negative Nancy (as I refer to her) in my head just got waaaaaay too annoying for me, so I told her to get stuffed! She was dragging me down and holding me back from moving onwards and upwards.
She was making me live in fear; scared of what other people would think or say, worried that I’d fail, holding on to past hurt.

I had no goals. No dreams. No ambitions.

I started several courses and dropped out not long into them ‘cos I just couldn’t be bothered. I just wasn’t feeling them and the work was just way too boring for me.
I wasn’t passionate.
I hated feeling obligated to do things, so I just didn’t do them OR I did them and whinged the whole time.
I put up a front so that no one knew how much I was hurting – as long as the outside looked okay it didn’t matter.

Then in 2012 I decided enough was enough.
I decided to work on myself, set some big goals and thrive.
And that I did.
I travelled, I saved, I bought a house and I fell in love.

I taught myself how to LOVE me and my LIFE.
It was hard and it took YEARS because I did it on my own.
But the best part is that now I teach women like you how to fast-track their happiness, and I love doing it!

My life now is pretty damn sweet.
I am conquering goals and striving towards my big dream.
I’m a dreamcatcher.
I am passionate and I love what I do everyday… Helping women is my thing and I want to help you!
On top of doing what I love and getting paid to do it I also travel often, own a house, have an amazing partner, an awesome dog and I am a mum to my angel Imogen.
We are expecting our second daughter in June 2017.
I get along well with my family and I live every day with LOVE.
I no longer rely on booze or other people to have fun – I am happy in my own skin.
I have real friends who love me for me not because of how many shots I can throw back or how funny I am when I’m drunk.
I make my own magic – and you can too!

beau and iI want to teach you what I’ve learnt.
I want you to know that you should and you CAN turn your life around. I want to be your coach, your soul sister; your cheering squad.
I’ve spent years studying the mind, body and soul and I now teach that to women through my Mummy Mind Detox program & live speaking events.

Let your accumulation of crappy moods and trash-talking yourself end today.
Let’s lay down some new foundations and let’s build you an empire of love, find your courage and claim your happiness.

Take my hand..

With love today & always,





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