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Time Really Does Fly.


Time really does fly. Hey beautiful, Today marks TWO YEARS in business for me. That’s two years of being OUT OF THE ‘WORKFORCE’ and saying “adios” to working a FULL TIME JOB. Note: I have worked a couple of casual jobs in the two years. But it’s been two years without a reoccurring payslip. Funnily […] Read more…

How to heal your relationships.


I’ve been sweeping a lot of feelings under the rug lately. I keep justifying myself by saying that I’m “..too busy to deal…” and that “…I can’t be bothered with the drama.” Do you ever find yourself doing that too? It’s a trait that I’ve been working on for many years. I know I’ve improved […] Read more…

The power of your thoughts.

Girls on car

What mantra’s are you repeating to yourself? “I can’t do it” “I’m not good enough” “It won’t happen” “People are rude” “It will never work out” “There are no jobs” “I’ll never find what I want” Any of those sound familiar to you? Last week I spoke about that STUCK feeling and as I said in […] Read more…

That STUCK feeling.


I met a young woman the other day. She volunteers her time two days a week to a charity – she loves it. I asked her what she does the other days of the week and her whole demeanour changed. “I’m an engineer.” “Wow”, I said. “That is SO cool!” “No, it’s really not. It’s boring […] Read more…

It’ll happen, just not right now!


I’m a very impatient person (just ask my partner!) When I want something, I want it to happen right away.. More often than not it means that I find myself a little overwhelmed and overcommitted, refusing to give up! I think it’s my entrepreneurial spirit.. I just don’t like to mess around! When I know […] Read more…

How to make LASTING changes!


Ever feel like you’re just floating through life watching everyone else kicking goals; everyone but you? You’re waiting. Waiting to meet The One. Waiting for the right time. Waiting until you can afford it. Waiting until you fit into that dress.  You set these goals. You write them down. You get a burst of motivation and […] Read more…

Mummy Must-Have’s!


When I became a Mum I was pretty prepared – my sister had had her baby only 7 months earlier and she was an absolute legend with recommendations and teaching me things. I can’t even begin to imagine how difficult it would have been had I not had her; I am super blessed. I’ve had […] Read more…

How I got my shit together at 23.


You’re over your newsfeed being filled up with milestones.. pregnancy, houses, engagements, weddings.. all your friends are in relationships, have these awesome careers and you’re just trying to get through the week. Your girlfriends rarely go out without their partners and so you’re left spending your time trying to find someone online. You feel lonely, but you’re rarely […] Read more…

Open Your Heart to 2016


With the New Year only a matter of sleeps away I encourage you all to set aside some time to reflect and plan (You can follow my steps here) as well as taking some time out to just BE. To embrace and open your heart up to the year ahead and all the magic and […] Read more…

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