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Feel like something’s missing from your life but no clue what it is?
When you think about the future do you start to feel unsure?
Do you lack motivation to do anything about it?

If you had no FEAR where would you be?
After all, isn’t the ‘what if?’; that doubt in your mind  (the Negative Nancy as I like to refer to her) isn’t that voice what stops you from doing things that you wish you could?

That voice, that doubt, that negativity in your head is what holds you back from being confident, from being fearless, from being the true and loving woman that you are and that you deserve to be every day.

You can choose NOW to begin shaping your life into the one you always dreamed of but have been too afraid to do anything about  – and to do that you need to start by looking within.

You have the answers – I have the tools to help you realise them!

“I just completed my first Mind Detox with Erin and feeling amazing. I knew that I liked the sound of the detox but I didn’t know what I had instaled for me. I am feeling excited, alert and full of clarity not to mention an abundance of love towards myself and my family. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking at being the best version of themselves. xx” – Sarah, 27

Not all that long ago I was exactly where you are.
I had the man, the house, the nice car, the awesome paycheck.. from the outside it looked like I had it all but on the inside I couldn’t help but feel lost, unsure and like I was missing something.

Fast-forward to today and I am living my dream.
I still have the house, the man and the awesome paycheck BUT I feel happy, inspired, on-track and confident because I’m living my life with purpose.

Every day I get to do what I love not just in business but in life and that feels so damn freeing. I live life by my own rules – not the rules of society, or my parents or my friends.

You can live a passionate and fulfilling life everyday not just on the weekends!
How awesome would that be?!
After all, there are 7 days in a week so why would you only want to be living the life you want to be for two of those days?!

“…I have learnt to live life. To not let the little things get to me, to breathe through my problems and relax more. Doing the inspo-work has been a real eye opener. I love it!” – Jess

Book Erin for Speaking & Events

Erin is passionate about inspiring Mums to feel connected with themselves and their communities, inspired to live each day doing the things that light them up and not just surviving motherhood and life, but thriving in it! Her presentations are fun, honest and engaging.

Favourite topics include:
– Overcoming ‘Mum guilt’
– Feeling the fear and doing it anyway
– How to actually succeed at your goals
– Manifesting and abundance
– How to implement self-care into our busy lives
– Love the skin you’re in
– Take control of your Negative Nancy (ego)
– The power of the mind
– How to detox your mind and thrive
– Bring back the tribe; the importance of connection

.061a3476edited.. and many more!

If you have an event and would like Erin to contribute as a speaker, simply email us at

Some of Erin’s media features include…
The Huffington Post
Aster & Oak

… and just for fun HERE and HERE

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